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Submitting a Graduation Application
Amending or Cancelling an Undergraduate Degree Application
What Happens After Submitting an Application

Submitting a Graduation Application

Step 1. Run a degree audit on the student and save the degree audit as a PDF.

Please review our quick guide on saving webpages as a PDF for instructions on saving the degree audit as a PDF. If the student is graduating with any minors, also run and save the DARS audit(s) for the minor.

Step 2. Log into the WAG and enter the student’s ID number. The UW NetID and the student’s full name will automatically populate after entering the student ID.

Step 3. Select the anticipated quarter of graduation from the dropdown list.

Step 4. Select the degree and major from the dropdown list.

You can search for your degree and major using keyword search or degree code.

Step 5. If the student is completing requirements to graduate with College, Departmental, or Interdisciplinary Honors, select any applicable Honors options.

Step 6. Indicate if the student is graduating with a double major or degree.

Step 7. Select the additional major and/or degree from the dropdown list.

You can search for your degree and major using keyword search or degree code.

Step 8. Select all applicable minors for the student.

Step 9. Upload the PDF copy of the degree audit.

Step 10. Indicate the status of the senior residency requirement by selecting one of the choices from the dropdown list.

Step 11. Indicate if the student requires additional lower-division transfer credits by selecting the checkbox.

Enter the additional LDT credits requested and the total transfer credit if applicable.

Step 12. Check the Remove SPP 165 Hold box if you want to alert the Graduation Specialists to remove the registration hold for the student.

Step 13. Enter any information you would like to communicate to the Graduation Specialists in the adviser notes field.

Step 14. Enter your preferred email address.

You have the option to enter your personal email or an email address of your choosing such as a department email address.

Step 15. Hit Submit

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Amending or Cancelling a Graduation Application

If you need to amend a graduation application you have already submitted or cancel a submitted graduation application, notify the Graduation Specialists via The Graduation Specialists can amend and delete the application.
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What Does the Student Do Next?

The student will receive an email notifying them of the graduation application submission and a link to a summary of the graduation application. The student will be asked to acknowledge that they have reviewed and understood the graduation application summary and that the application is for the correct quarter/year.  Finally, the student will select submit. The graduation application will then proceed to the Graduation Specialist’s queue.

Student View of Graduation Application Summary

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