Student Systems Help Center


Creating your UW NetID

UW NetID stands for University of Washington Network Identification. Your UW NetID and password are your account for accessing your UW information and other online services.

New Undergraduates: If you applied online but do not already have a UW NetID, you can obtain one by going to the UW Admissions NetID site for undergraduate students (includes new freshmen, transfer, and postbaccalaureate students).

All other students: You should go to the UW NetID site, where you will need to use your Private Access Code (PAC) and system key to obtain your UW NetID. For help with recovering your NetID, visit the UW NetID site or IT Connect’s About UW NetID site for more information.

Unknown UW Password

Call 206-543-8580 to reset a forgotten UW password. You must have your student number and Private Access Code (PAC) to reset your UW password.

Student Number Unknown

Your seven-digit student number is issued during the admission process. This number is yours alone, and will be your student number forever. If you order a UW transcript 30 years from now, you will be identified by your student number.

The first two digits of your student number are the year you were admitted to the UW. The third digit indicates the quarter you were admitted: 1 for summer quarter; 2 and 3 for autumn, 4 for winter, and 5 for spring. The rest of the digits are random.


Find My Student Number for Undergraduates


To find your student number, navigate to the Unofficial Transcript link in MyUW under the Academics block. Select Unofficial Transcript.


Your student number appears in the upper left of the Unofficial Transcript page.

Call the Registrar at 206-543-8580 to receive a new PAC.


Find My student number and PAC for Graduate Students



To find your student number, navigate to your MyGrad account. Your Pac and Student number will be displayed under the UW NetID box.