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Course Prerequisite Changes

Course prerequisite changes are submitted in UW CM. The following guide is for course changes involving prerequisites only. If you are making any other changes, please refer to the course change proposal quick guide.

To learn more about course prerequisites, please visit the UW Curriculum Office website.

Step 1: Log into UW CM

Log into UW CM using your UW NetID and password. If you experience issues, please refer to our troubleshooting guide.

Step 2: Find Your Course

Select ‘Courses’ on the left navigation panel. Under ‘Filters’, make sure the ‘Active’ checkbox is clicked. Type the course prefix and number or the title in the search bar to find your course. You can further narrow the search results with the department or college/school filters. Select your course in the results section.

Step 3: Propose a Prerequisite Change

To propose a prerequisite change, click the ‘Propose Changes’ button.

Step 4: Edit the Course for Prerequisite Changes and Determine if there are Potentially Affected Units

Prerequisite Only Changes that do not involve potentially affected units

  • If the only change being proposed is to the course prerequisites, and no other units need to acknowledge the prerequisite change, check the ‘Prerequisite Changes’ box.
  • When this box is checked, the proposal will go through a truncated workflow, only requiring approval at the department-level approval node(s) before being reviewed by the UW Curriculum Office (UWCO).

Prerequisite Only Changes involving potentially affected units

  • If other units are affected by the change, do not check the ‘Prerequisite Changes’ checkbox. Instead, indicate the affected units that need to acknowledge the change or use of their course(s) in the ‘Potentially Affected Colleges, Schools, or Departments’ field in the ‘Curricular Relationship’ section of the course proposal.
  • Prerequisite only course change proposals involving potentially affected units will go through the full workflow and the identifed potentially affected units will receive requests to acknowledge the proposed prerequisite changes.

Step 5: Prerequisite Enforcement Options

You also have the option of selecting three types of prerequisite enforcement.

  • Enforce cancellation of registration if prerequisites not met. If this box is checked, students who were allowed to register for the course because they were in the process of completing the prerequisite course(s) will be automatically dropped after grades are posted for those prerequisite courses. If the box is unchecked, a report of the students who did not pass the course with a sufficient grade to meet the prerequisite will be sent to your department.

  • Enforce prerequisites for undergraduate students only (classes 1-4). Checking this box will limit prerequisite checking to only undergraduate students. Any non-undergraduate student (classes 5 and above) registering for the course will not have prerequisites checked.

  • Enforce prerequisites for graduate-level course. Checking this box will signal to the UWCO to encode the prerequisites for your graduate course in SDB. Prerequisites proposed for graduate courses will not be encoded in SDB if this box is unchecked.

Note: Only courses and exams already in SDB can be encoded as prerequisites in SDB.

Step 6: Review Proposed Changes and then Select ‘Submit for Approval’

Review your proposed changes before submitting the proposal into the workflow. Your proposed changes will appear in yellow above the existing content (in blue).

Step 7: UW Curriculum Office Review and Processing

After the required workflow approvals and acknowledgements (if necessary) are made, the UW Curriculum Office will review and process your proposed prerequisite changes. In general, most prerequisite changes do not require UW Curriculum Committee review.

Due to the high volume of course proposals, urgent prerequisite changes or issues should be brought to the attention of the UWCO.