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Prerequisite Changes

Prerequisite Management

Course prerequisites can be added to new courses via the New Course Proposal process and updated via the Change Course Proposal process.


For information about what can be included in a prerequisite listing, please see the Curriculum Office website.

Prerequisite Changes

If the only change being proposed is to prerequisites and no other departments/units need to sign off on the change, tick the checkbox under the “Prerequisites” field. When this box is ticked, the proposal will go through a truncated workflow. First, the proposal goes to the Department Chair then straight to UWCO, skipping the College review step.


If any other departments are affected by the change, do NOT tick the box and indicate the affected units that need to approve of the update in the “Potentially Affected Colleges, Schools, or Departments” section in the “Curricular Relationships” section of the course proposal. These proposals will go through full workflow and the “Potentially Affected Colleges, Schools, or Departments” will be asked to “Acknowledge” the proposed changes.

Note: For subsequent change proposals that do not change the prerequisite details, you should remove the unit from “Potentially Affected Colleges, Schools, or Departments” if you don’t want them to receive “acknowledge” requests.