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Parallel Courses

Parallel courses are two courses offered by a single department or unit that have identical or very similar content offered at different levels, such as graduate and undergraduate. They are not considered jointly-offered courses.

Therefore, separate course proposals are required for each course in the parallel set. Parallel courses must demonstrate a distinguishable difference between undergraduate and graduate components.

Parallel courses are not officially recognized by the University as a curricular relationship; however, this information is maintained for administrative purposes and should be included in the parallel course proposal(s). For more information about parallel courses, please see the UW Curriculum Office website.

Including Parallel Course Information in a Course Proposal

Add in the Curricular Relationship section of your parallel course proposal.

Tip: If you are creating new parallel course proposals at the same time or creating a parallel course proposal based on an existing course, consider using the “Duplicate” feature.

The new duplicate proposal will be pre-populated with all of the course details from the proposal you duplicated.

Update the new duplicate proposal with the appropriate information (change course number; add a justification, administrative contact, offered parallel with course, and syllabus), and then submit the proposal for approval.