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Change Course Proposals

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Change Course Proposal

Change Course Proposal

Step 1.   Log into UW CM

Begin by opening up the UW CM system link in your Chrome or Firefox web browser. Next, log in using your UW NetID and password.

Step 2.   Find your Course

Find Your Course

Select Courses on left navigation pane. You can also search for your course by narrowing the search results with the Department and College/School filters. Type the course code or the course prefix in the search bar to find your course. Select your course in the results section.


Step 3.   Propose a Course Change

Propose a Course Change

Click the Propose Changes button in the header of the Course search/landing page.


Step 4.   Edit the Course

Edit The Course

picture4Select LEAVE EDIT MODE when you are finished making edits or before you exit the screen.







Step 5.   Acknowledge Responsibility if Missed the Time Schedule Deadline

If the change request is being submitted after the posted time schedule deadline, the proposer should tick the box indicating they “Missed Time Schedule Deadline?”.

The user will then be required to add explanation as to why they are submitting the request late and acknowledge their responsibility to notify students and time schedule office of the changes.


Step 6.   Review Proposed Changes

Review Proposed Changes

Review your proposed changes before submitting the course change for approval. Your proposed changes will appear in yellow above the existing content.


Step 7.   Edit, Delete Proposal, Sharing, Addendum, Duplicate, and Print

Right Navigation PanelEdit Selecting Edit from the navigation panel on the right will allow you to resume editing your proposal. This option will disappear once you have submitted the proposal for approval.

Sharing Selecting Sharing from the navigation panel on the right allows you to add a co-editors/collaborators to your proposal.  Recipients of the sharing function will receive an email with the link to view and edit the proposal.

Faculty should use the sharing tool to share their proposal with their curriculum coordinator.

Note: Sharing the url will only give the recipient viewing rights.

Addendum While a proposal is in a state or Draft, you can add comments or ask users to submit comments to a proposal that will be visible to all users that view the proposal, including reviewers.

Duplicate The duplicate feature is used to copy a course or a proposal.

Delete Proposal Select the Delete Proposal button if you decide to delete your proposal.

Note: This will ONLY delete your proposed changes. This will not delete the course.


Step 8.   Submit for Approval

Select SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL when you are finished with your proposal and you are ready to send the proposal to your department chair.
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Workflow Status

After you submit the proposal it will progress to the Department Chair. The Department will receive an email notifying them of your proposal and request for action. You can explore the workflow by selecting the Previous or Next buttons.

Email with Proposal and Request for Action
If you notice there is someone missing or the wrong person is assigned to the workflow, contact

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