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Add or Change a Fee*

In This Quick Guide

In order to add or change a fee for a course, you must complete a course fee form. Incomplete forms will be returned to the submitter.

*For the Seattle campus only. UW Bothell and UW Tacoma each have their own processes. Please consult your campus registrar for more information.

Step 1: Download the course fee form

Click to open and download theĀ course fee form.

Step 2: Provide all of the information requested

    1. Course Prefix and Number
    2. Amount of Course Fee
    3. Budget Number
    4. Submitted by
    5. Fee Type (choose one)
    6. Fee Purpose (choose one)

Editable fields on the UW Seattle course fee form, including course prefix and number, amount of course fee, budget number, submitted by, fee type, and fee purpose

Step 3: Obtain the required signatures

New course fees in excess of $50 or course fee increases in excess of 10% of the prior approved fee amount must also be approved by the Office of Planning and Budgeting. Instructions for requesting this approval are included in the course fee form.

Editable signature fields on the course fee form

Step 4: Submit the form to the UW Curriculum Office

Please submit to the UW Curriculum Office. Incomplete forms will be returned to the submitter. After the fee is added or changed in the course record, the UW Curriculum Office will notify you.


Step 5: Email the Time Schedule Office

Email to update the fee in all relevant sections in the Time Schedule. Until this step is completed, new fees or fee changes will not appear in the Time Schedule and thus will not be applied to students.