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UW CM for Approvers

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How to use UW CM for Approvers
How to use UW CM for Acknowledgers

Approval Role

Step 1.   Workflow in UW CM

The workflow is also known as the approval process in UW CM. You’ll notice that the first three approval stops (nodes) mirrors the signature lines in the former paper-based proposal process. The proposal will sit in that “node” until an action is taken by the approver assigned to that role.

The Nodes have been populated by the Curriculum Analyst based on your department’s preferences.

Step 2.   Find your Proposal

As an Approver you will get an “Action Item” notification when a proposal is in your node/awaiting your review. At this time, the notification will come via email from KualiStudent (UW CM). We recommend using the UW CM system in either your Chrome or Firefox web browser.

Approvers can click on the link from the email to get into the proposal or they can get there via the their “action list” in UW CM.

Figure 1   Action Item Email

Figure 2  Action Item List in UW CM

Step 3.   Approver Abilities

Approvers have access to Approve, Send Back, and Reject a proposal.


Figure 3   Approval View of a Proposal


If approved, the proposal will continue through the workflow to the next approver node.

Send Back


Figure 5  Send Back Option

When you send it back, you will select the correct node to send it back to (College Committee), select “send back to me” or “send back through the workflow”. You’re required to enter comments about what you would like the previous reviewer to look at/do. If you ask them to add a curricular relationship, you must select “send back through workflow”. The approvers in the node that you send it back to will get an email notifying them that they need to take action.

The previous reviewers and the proposer will get a very generic email notification letting them know that you “sent back” the proposal and where it is sitting now. Your comments do not appear in the email, just the action that was taken.

Only the approvers in the node you send it back to will see the comments you made when they look at the proposal. This proposal will sit in that “node”/ the approvers action list until one of the approvers re-approves. Once one of the approvers re-approves, those comments stick on the proposal (lower image in the above link), not the “send back” comments.


Figure 5  Send Back Messaging that the Recipient Will View


If Rejected, the proposal moves to a state of “Rejected”. The proposer cannot resubmit a Rejected Proposal but he/she can “Duplicate” it to start a new one. We recommend using the Send Back feature instead of the Reject feature.

Step 4.   Editing the Proposal

Approvers also have the ability to edit the proposal. You may want to use this feature to make minor changes to the proposal.
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Acknowledgment Role

Figure 6   UW CM Curricular Relationship Workflow


Figure 7   Acknowledging Proposals

Departments that are listed under the “Other Curricular Relationship” section of a proposal (e.g. Jointly Offered, Overlapping, Equivalent or Potentially Affected) will also receive notifications requesting their review and acknowledgement of the relationship.

After the proposal has been approved by the owning Department, “Acknowledge” notifications and action requests will be sent to the departments owning the course indicated as having a relationship.

“Acknowledge” notifications are generic and are similar to the approve “action item” emails from KualiStudent. The acknowledger should scroll down to the Curricular Relationship section in the proposal to understand why they are being asked to sign off on the proposal. Acknowledge action is not mandatory, the proposal progresses without anyone taking action on an acknowledge request.

Acknowledging the proposal is an opportunity for the affected unit to officially make note they are aware of this proposed course and/or to voice any concerns with proposed course.


Figure 8   Curricular Relationships Section

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