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UW Curriculum Management Troubleshooting

Why won’t UW CM allow me to enter data?

  1. Always try refreshing the page if you’re having issues with the UW CM system. If you’re still having issues email for assistance.
  2. Be deliberate in selecting a choice/name from the dropdown list when searching and populating fields in the UW CM system.

I just submitted/approved a proposal but nothing changed in the workflow status section at the top of my proposal. What’s going on?

First check your browser. The UW CM system is only supported by Chrome and Firefox. We recommend downloading either web browser if you haven’t already installed them.

If you are using Firefox or Chrome, try refreshing the page. If you’re still having issues, email with a description of the problem and include the link to the proposal.

How do I view one of the supporting documents for a proposal?

Click on the supporting document  link and your browser will handle the download according to your browser settings.

  1. Change how your browser handles downloaded documents in Firefox
  2. Change how your browser handles downloaded documents in Google Chrome

Why didn’t the department automatically populate when I entered the course prefix?

You should deliberately select a choice/name from the drop-down list when searching and populating fields in the UW CM system. If you don’t select the item from the drop-down specifically, the system interprets it as plain text rather than an actual option on the pre-defined list of options.

Is there a history of changes made to my proposal?

Yes, the ‘Audit Log’ records all actions that have taken place on a proposal.

Click on the ‘Audit Log’ button in the right-hand navigation panel of a proposal to view a history of all proposal actions.

How do I find a specific instructor/author/admin contact name?

If you are having a hard time finding the user based on a search of “Last Name First Name”, it’s likely the user has an initial in their name. The easiest way to find the user is to type in the user’s netid. Be sure to deliberately select the user’s name from the drop-down list.

How do I save and return to my search results?

There isn’t a way to save a search, so a handy workaround is to right click on the rows you want to look at closer and “open in new tab”. That way you still have your search results open as well as each individual proposal that you want to review.

I’m having a hard time finding my active course in course search. How do I find it?

The more specific you can be with your keyword/course code search, the better your results e.g. search “applied electrodynamics” vs. just “Electrodynamics”; “B EE5” (86 results with B EE courses at top) vs “B EE” (2630 results with B EE courses mixed in among them); or even combine course prefix with keyword, e.g. “B EE resistors”.

The other known issue is that search only finds courses based on the code on the most future version of the course. So if a course changed course codes over time, you will only be able to find the course based on it’s current code.

My Proposal went to the wrong person! How do I get it back on track?

You should write to with a description of the issue and name and netid of the person that should be in the workflow.