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UW Curriculum Management System

The UW Curriculum Management (UW CM) system is an online paperless curriculum application process. UW CM enables registrars, faculty and staff to analyze, manage and publish the institution’s learning products including courses, programs, activities, learning objectives, requisites and catalog. Key features include the ability to search, version, analyze dependencies across courses and programs, course and program approval workflow and role-based access.

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Web browser

  1. Are you using a web browser other than Chrome or Firefox? At this time, the UW CM system is only supported by Chrome and Firefox. We recommend downloading either web browser if you haven’t already installed them.
  2. How to download another web browser
    1. Firefox Download
    2. Chrome Download
  3. Check to see if you’re using the correct web browser if the workflow feature is not working in the UW CM system

Downloading Supporting Documents

  1. How to download supporting documents in Firefox
  2. How to download supporting documents in Google Chrome

Data Entry Issues

  1. Always try refreshing the page if you’re having issues with the UW CM system. If you’re still having issues email for assistance.
  2. Be deliberate in selecting a choice/name from the dropdown list when searching and populating fields in the UW CM system.

Instructor Name

If your instructor’s name isn’t not populating the instructor name field, try typing in the instructor’s last name. Make sure you’re adding a space after the instructor’s last name. If the last name is still not populating the instructor name field, try typing in the instructor’s last name, first name, and include their middle initial (if applicable). Alternatively, type in the instructor’s NetID.  Next, deliberately select the instructor’s name from the dropdown list.