Student Systems Help Center

April 30, 2015

Time Schedule

The Time Schedule can be used to determine what courses are being offered for the quarter, just like MyPlan Find Courses. However, the Time Schedule allows students to browse course offerings by department.

Accessing Time Schedule

Go to MyUW from any web browser and enter your NetID credentials. On the right column, select Registration from the Quick Links menu. This will open up a new registration page in a new window.
screenshot of MyUW homepage with registration link highlighted
From the registration page, select Time Schedule from the Registration Resources menu.
 screenshot of time schedule link highlighted in the right hand corner of the page
To begin searching, select the college that the department is located within. For this tutorial, we will select Arts & Sciences, the largest college.
Your browser will automatically scroll down to the College of Arts and Sciences category. From there, we will select the specific department the class is listed under. For this tutorial, we will select Philosophy (PHIL).
 screenshot of selecting department under selected college
A new page will populate, showing all of the current philosophy courses, listed by course number (e.g. 101, 102, etc.) We will be registering for PHIL 100 Intro to Philosophy, which is listed as (I&S), meaning that it satisfies the Individuals and Societies requirement.
 screenshot of selecting course

Understanding the Time Schedule

Details about the course and course sections are listed underneath the course title. Starting from the left, the information is as follows:

Schedule Line Number

The five-digit number on the far left is the Schedule Line Number (SLN). This is the identification code for the specific class. You will need the SLN to register for the class. Selecting the SLN will redirect you to a course description of the class, where you can view information beyond the title.
 screenshot of SLN highlighted

Section ID

The letter (e.g. A, AA, AB) represents the Section ID. Single letters designate primary or lecture sections, and double letters designate quiz, lab or discussion sections.
You must register for a quiz section, if one exists. It must begin with the same letter designation as the lecture you are registering for (e.g. if you want to register for Lecture A, you must also register for a quiz section that begins with A, such as AA or AB.)
 screenshot of SectionId highlighted

Quiz Sections

A section may have quiz, lab or discussion sections associated with it that correspond to that course section. Lecture “A” for example may be accompanied by quiz sections listed as AA, AB, AC. In a large lecture class, often smaller “quiz section” groups will meet several times a week. If quiz sections are listed under the lecture section you want to register for, you must register for a quiz section as well. Quiz sections are a required portion of many classes, but do not necessarily add additional credits to your schedule. You can add quiz sections to your plan just as easily as any other course.
 screenshot of Quiz sections highlighted

Number of Credits

Next to the lecture, it will show the number of credits you will receive for the course. Most quiz sections provide no additional credit.
 screenshot of number of credits highlighted

Meeting Days & Times

Next, the days and meeting times are listed, as well as the building name and room number. You cannot register for courses with conflicting meeting times. Selecting the building name will generate a campus map marked with the class location. The instructor for the course is listed to the right of the building name and room number.
 screenshot of meeting days and times highlighted


The current enrollment of the class is shown to the right of the instructor name. The number of filled seats in the class is shown over the number of total available seats. Please note that the seat availability is updated every 24 hours. To see up-to-date seat availability, select the SLN link, which will take you to the Current Section Status page. If a class is at full capacity, see the tutorial on Notify.UW. Certain classes will have a “W” designation to the far right. The “W” is the designation for “writing credit.”

 screenshot of enrollment status highlighted

Current Section Status

The Current Section Status page lists the same information presented in the Time Schedule front page in a different format. The current enrollment number on this page is up-to-date by the minute. If a class is at full capacity, select the “Subscribe to seat availability notifications” to be taken to the Notify.UW page or see the tutorial on Notify.UW.