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June 22, 2016

T-FIG: Register for a T-FIG through MyPlan

What is T-FIG?

Transfer First-year Interest Groups or T-FIGs are peer-guided seminar course that small groups of transfer students take together during their first quarter at the UW.
Searching for a T-FIG


Search for a FIGS

Select T-FIG from the Type category on the left column.


All T-FIGs will filter and populate on your screen


 Standalone and Themed T-FIGs

There exist two T-FIG types: standalone or themed.

Standalone T-FIGs are 2-credit classes under the mentorship and instruction of T-FIG Leaders, experienced undergraduates that will facilitate the courses and help to introduce you to resources unique to the UW.

standalone tfig

Themed T-FIGs are a cluster of classes containing the GEN ST 199 class with one or more classes that complement one another. Currently, one Themed T-FIG exists: Public Health.

Shown below is the Public Health Themed T-FIG.

Themed Tfig

Reading a T-FIG Listing

When selecting your T-FIG, there are few things that you should note.

Reading a t-fig

Registering for a T-FIG

To register for a T-FIG, access MyPlan.

In MyPlan, select Find Courses.

MyPlan Find Courses

To search for a T-FIG, type “GEN ST 199 T#” into the search box. The # corresponds to the T-FIG number of your choice.

MyPlan find courses 2

Once you see your T-FIG populate in the list, select the [add to plan icon] to add the T-FIG to your plan.

Add to plan