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May 15, 2017

Registration Comparison

The University of Washington has two systems to navigate your academic options and register for classes: MyPlan and Registration via MyUW. Below you’ll see a table comparing the various actions you can perform in MyPlan vs. Registration via MyUW.




 Search for current courses
By Keyword and Prefix

Search all courses offered in the UW course catalog    
View visual schedule    
View seat availability  
 Set up seat availability notifications (Notify.UW)  
Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer (full-term), Registration (non-FIG)  
Summer A & B term registration
 First-year Interest Group (FIG / T-FIG) Registration  
 View registration holds  
Drop a course(s)
Change grading options (standard or  satisfactory/non-satisfactory)
View unofficial transcript
Plan and compare schedules  
Bookmark preferred courses  
Explore courses offered within specific degree programs  
Explore degree programs
Run a degree audit
Run an audit on planned courses