Student Systems Help Center

Registering with an SLN

  1. To register, either log in to MyUW and select “Register using SLN codes” or navigate directly to the Student Personal Services web registration form.
  2. Select Time Schedule under Registration Resources to see course offerings, course availability and other registration restrictions. Each course is assigned a five-digit Schedule Line Number (SLN).
  3. Enter the course SLNs on the web registration form.
  4. Enter an Add Code or Faculty Number, if required. Add codes are generally available from the advising office of the offering department or from the instructor of the course.
  5. For courses offered with variable credit, enter the credit agreed upon between you and the course instructor or adviser. Otherwise leave this section blank.
  6. Check Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory if you do not want to take this course for a numerical grade. This option is not available for courses offered Credit/No Credit Only. Check with your adviser regarding any departmental restrictions or graduation requirements before selecting the S/NS grading option.
  7. Click the “Update Schedule” button to save changes.

Student Personal Services registration interface