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MyPlan Academic Planner

About MyPlan

MyPlan is an academic planning tool for University of Washington Students.

With MyPlan you can:

  • Create a plan for next quarter, next year, or all the way to graduation.
  • Search for courses that interest you, and add those courses to your Bookmarked list or directly to your plan.
  • Audit your progress to explore academic programs and discover which courses you may need to complete your degree.
  • Find course sections that will work with your schedule using Schedule Builder.
  • Send your planned courses to the registration system.
  • Share your plan with advisers to ensure you’re on the right path for academic success.

You can access MyPlan through MyUW or at

Overview Video

Learn more about getting started with MyPlan by watching this overview tutorial:

Quick Guides

Schedule Builder

How to use Schedule Builder to create a schedule in MyPlan.

Schedule Builder Quick Guide


How to use the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) in MyPlan to track your academic progress.
DARS Quick Guide

Find Course

How to search for courses in MyPlan.

Find Courses Quick Guide

Drop Course

How to drop a course through the registration page and view your updated schedule in MyPlan.

Drop Course Quick Guide

Recently Admitted Students

To utilize MyPlan as a UW student and import your academic plan, you will first need to establish a University of Washington NetID.  View the NetID setup page for more information.

Utilize this quick guide to learn how to import a plan from from your social login to your newly established NetID.

Import Plan Quick Guide

MyPlan Transfer Planner

If you are a Washington State Community or Technical College student interested in transferring to the University of Washington, MyPlan can help you plan your transfer.  To find out more, visit the MyPlan Transfer Planner help page.


For quick answers to commonly asked questions, visit our FAQ page.

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