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June 10, 2020

MyPlan Updates

Tiramisu Release

New Plan View

MyPlan planning pages are now mobile friendly! The ‘Academic Year View’ of the plan has a new look and feel, more similar to the experience of the ‘Registration Preview’ page. The old ‘Academic Year View” and the ‘Single Quarter View’ (neither of which were mobile friendly) have been replaced by the new ‘Academic Year View’ and the ‘Registration View’. All the same functionality still exists but in a more user-friendly experience and a more simplified two-page workflow for the student.

The old quarter plan view and academic year view have been deprecated.

Expand All Options on Course Details Page

To make section notes more readily accessible, there is now an ‘expand all’ option in the header of the section list:

Oatmeal Cookie Release

New Data on Course Details Page

  • Course overview on course details page now displays “(W) Some sections count toward the Additional Writing requirement” if any sections can satisfy the Writing requirements
  • Replaced ‘and’ operator with ‘or’ on the search results page when both C and W are present)
  • Course overview on course details page now shows Recommended Prep
  • If a course has prerequisite text in UW CM, there is a link to the specific course page in the ‘Prereq Map’ tool

Program Browse: “Jointly offered programs” are discoverable under all departments

  • If a program has jointly offering department (an attribute of the Program in UW CM), all departments (primary and jointly offered) are available department filters when a jointly owned program is returned in the college/school or the keyword search results
  • There is labeling on results page and on the credential details page indicating joint ownership. 

Registration Preview Enhancements

  • Delete plan items – user can now remove a section or delete a course from Registration Preview page. Removing the primary section of a cluster (e.g. FIG) will remove all sections. 
  • Move plan items (to another quarter) – user can move a course to another term. If any sections had been selected prior to the move action, the sections will be removed. 
  • Show all potential time-conflicts with section selections to help inform a student as they try to make decisions about which courses/sections to remove or move.