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MyPlan Transfer Planner

About MyPlan

MyPlan is an academic planning tool now available to Washington State Community and Technical College students. With MyPlan you can:

  • Add the courses you’ve taken by importing your unofficial transcript and see how they might translate to courses at UW.
  • Add courses you’re planning to take at your Community and Technical College and see what the UW equivalents are.
  • Audit your progress to explore academic programs and discover which courses you may need to complete your degree.
  • By printing out your plan, you can share it with your adviser at your home institution to ensure you’re on the right path for academic success.
  • Browse, compare, and assess undergraduate degree programs at the UW.

Quick Guides

Accessing MyPlan

How to log in to MyPlan for the first time. (A Facebook or Google account is required).

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Import Unofficial Transcript

How to import your Washington State Community or Technical college unofficial transcripts into MyPlan.

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Add Planned Courses

How to add courses you’re planning to take at any Washington State Community or Technical college.

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Audit Your Coursework

How to audit your existing coursework to see how courses you’ve taken might contribute to a UW degree.

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Program Exploration

MyPlan’s program exploration feature provides students, both prospective and current, with a central place to browse, compare, and assess undergraduate degree programs at the UW.

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Recently Admitted Students

To utilize MyPlan as a UW student and import your academic plan, you will first need to establish a University of Washington NetID.  NetID setup instructions are available here.

Utilize this quick guide to learn how to import a plan from from your social login to your newly established NetID.

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Feature requests

For additional information on using MyPlan features, MyPlan help content can be found within the application, and on the MyPlan website located here.

Additional Information

Use of this feature will have no bearing on your academic standing or prospective admission to the University of Washington. MyPlan’s course equivalency tools are unofficial and for planning purposes only. Please consult an adviser at your home institution for guidance about academic planning. For complete UW admissions information and requirements, visit