Student Systems Help Center

August 12, 2019

MyPlan Updates – Oatmeal Cookie Release

New Data on Course Details Page

  • Course overview on course details page now displays “(W) Some sections count toward the Additional Writing requirement” if any sections can satisfy the Writing requirements
  • Replaced ‘and’ operator with ‘or’ on the search results page when both C and W are present)
  • Course overview on course details page now shows Recommended Prep
  • If a course has prerequisite text in UW CM, there is a link to the specific course page in the ‘Prereq Map’ tool

Program Browse: “Jointly offered programs” are discoverable under all departments

  • If a program has jointly offering department (an attribute of the Program in UW CM), all departments (primary and jointly offered) are available department filters when a jointly owned program is returned in the college/school or the keyword search results
  • There is labeling on results page and on the credential details page indicating joint ownership. 

Registration Preview Enhancements

  • Delete plan items – user can now remove a section or delete a course from Registration Preview page. Removing the primary section of a cluster (e.g. FIG) will remove all sections. 
  • Move plan items (to another quarter) – user can move a course to another term. If any sections had been selected prior to the move action, the sections will be removed. 
  • Show all potential time-conflicts with section selections to help inform a student as they try to make decisions about which courses/sections to remove or move.