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January 21, 2016

Import Unofficial Transcript

Add courses you’ve taken

If you’re a WA state community or technical college student, you can see how the courses you’ve taken might transfer to the UW.

On the ‘Your Transfer Courses’ page under the Add Your Transfer Courses heading, expand the section that lets you update the courses you’ve taken.
Use the dropdowns to enter your date of birth. Then, enter your Washington State Student ID number in the field to the right.

Add Your Transfer Courses
If you have more than one student ID, select the add another institution link and enter your next student ID. Repeat this for each separate Washington State student ID number that you have.

Add Another Institution
If you attended multiple Washington State community and technical colleges but only have one student ID number, you do not need to click the add another institution link.

Once you’ve entered all of the required information, click on the yellow button below.

Click Retrieve Courses Button
Once your unofficial transcript is processed, you will see a table that compares your unofficial transcript with the UW equivalency guide.
On the left, you’ll see your college, the course code, the number of credits, and the term you took the course in.

On the right, you’ll see the UW course code, the UW course title, the number of credits, and any UW general education requirements that this course might fulfill.

Capture 4
Some courses will show as a combination of a UW course and a placeholder course credits labeled with an ‘xx’. This combination of course credits and course are what some courses may translate to at the UW.
Some courses will only show an xx course. Again, this means the course translates into generic credit.

Course Placeholder Credits
Courses which do not have UW equivalents and will appear in grey below.

No Equivalent Courses Listed at Bottom
Remember that these results are unofficial.