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In MyPlan’s Find Courses feature, you can search for courses via the course catalog or the time schedule, and you can narrow your search results by selecting additional pre-search filters. You can search for courses that interest you and add those courses to your bookmarked list or directly to your academic plan.

Find Course

Step 1.   Apply Pre-Search Filters

A.   Campus filter:  

You can narrow your search results by selecting a specific campus. Campus selections will remain until you end your session.

B.   Course Catalog vs. Time Schedule: 

You can perform a course catalog search or a time schedule search.

  • A course catalog search displays all of the courses the University offers, whether they are offered in the current quarter or not. 
  • On time schedule search, you can select an upcoming quarter, the quarter after, or all scheduled quarters. The results will display courses that are offered in the quarter(s) you selected.

C.   Text Search Field: 

In the text search field, you can search by entering course code, course title, keywords, SLN, General Education Requirements, etc…  (e.g. COM, Math 124, ENGL 1xx, VLPA, global).

The text search field also has an auto-suggest feature that aids in completing search queries by suggesting search terms based on curriculum prefixes and full names. Auto-suggest begins when you type the first letter in the search text field. Select the from the dropdown list to populate the text search field.

D.   Meeting Dates and Times: 

You can select the times and the days you want your classes to meet. If you don’t make any selections, the search results will include classes that meet any day of the week.

E.   Exclude Options: 

This filter reduces the number of returned search results by excluding sections that are closed, withdrawn, suspended, or sections with class, major, or college requirements.

F.   PCE Students: 

This filter reduces the number of returned search results to only course sections that are offered through UW Professional & Continuing Education (PCE).

G.   General Education: 

This filter helps you narrow your search results to display only the specific Gen Ed requirements you’re interested in taking.

H.   Curriculum Search: 

You can browse and click on curriculum to initiate a search.

Step 2.   Select Search

Once you have selected your search criteria, select the Search button. Results that meet the criteria you have chosen will display beneath the search options. The search button will become clickable once you’ve entered text in the search box.

Step 3.   Apply Post-Search Filters

The filters on the left allow you to further narrow your search results by Gen Ed Requirements, number of credits, course level, or learning format. Please note that if you entered Gen Ed Requirements in the text search field, the filter options will be tailored towards the text you entered. For instance, if you enter VLPA, then you will see every possible combination of VLPA under the Gen Ed Requirements.

For more information about the specific filter functions, please visit MyPlan Filter Functions.

Foreign Language and VLPA:

In VLPA search results, you can also view first year foreign language courses that potentially fulfill VLPA. For instance, if you search for VLPA, you will see SPAN 101 – Elementary Spanish course as one of the results. An asterisk under Gen Ed Requirements denotes the potential for VLPA and you can view the Conditional VLPA message once you hover over the asterisk.

Step 4.   Review Courses

Based on your filters, you can see how many courses meet your search criteria. Select a course that you would like to explore further. 

Bookmarking Courses:

If you wish to bookmark a course, click the course title you would like to bookmark. This opens the course details page. On the course details page, click “Bookmark Course” button. 

Image shows the Course Details page, which displays additional information about a selected course, including sections

Adding Course Sections:

In order to register for a course, you must first add a course section to your plan. Select the small blue plus icon to add the course.

Note: you can also add the course to your plan without selecting specific sections, using the yellow “Add to Plan” button at the top of the page. Keep in mind you will need to select a course section before you can register.

Image shows a brief list of classes offered for COMM 202. The menu button has been selected, which displays a small menu with the option to "Add to Plan". The "Add to Plan" link is highlighted.