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June 22, 2016

FIG: Register for a FIG through MyPlan

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A FIG is a class that introduces you to the University community and its various resources. These courses are facilitated by FIG Leaders, experienced undergraduates who provide mentorship and instruction throughout your first quarter.

Searching for a FIG

Go to from any web browser. From this page, you will be able to view and filter the various FIG options.

Search for a FIGS


Select FIG from the type category on the left side of the screen.


All open FIGs will populate on the screen.

all open FIGS

There are additional filter options on the left to narrow your search further.

Starting from the top, the information is as follows:

General Education Requirements

By using the General Education Requirements category, you can filter FIGs based on university requirements that you would like to fulfill. For example, you can narrow your search to display FIGs with Natural World themed courses.



If you have a specific course in mind, you may also filter your search to show only FIGs with that specific course offering. For this example, we will search for Oceanography 101.



The search page also gives you the option to search according to topics. These topics range from Biological and Environmental Sciences to The Arts. For our example, we will highlight Social Sciences.

Social Sciences

Total Credits

When deciding on a FIG, you have a variety of options for the amount of credits you would like to enroll in. For example, you may choose to filter for FIGs by 2 credits, 7 credits, 12 credits, 15 credits, and 17 credits.

Total Credits

Standalone and Themed FIGs

There are two types of FIGs: standalone or themed.

Standalone FIGs are 2-credit GEN ST 199 classes offered independently of any clusters. Standalone FIGs allow students to experience the mentorship of an experienced FIG leader while taking course combinations not offered in a themed FIG.



Themed FIGs are a cluster of classes containing the GEN ST 199 class with one or more classes that complement one another. Highlighted below are examples of themed FIGs of different credit combinations that all satisfy the DIVERSITY requirement.

7 Credit FIG Cluster

7 credits

12 Credit FIG Cluster

12 credits

14 Credit FIG Cluster

14 credits

17 Credit FIG Cluster

17 credits

Reading a FIG Listing

When selecting your FIG, there are few things to consider.

reading a fig

Registering for a FIG

To register for a FIG, go to and log in.

In MyPlan, select Find Courses.

MyPlan Find Courses

To search for a FIG, type “GEN ST 199 ” into the search box.

find courses Gen st 199

Once you see your FIG populate in the list, select the add to plan icon to add the FIG to your plan.



Once you have added the FIG to your plan, the section will be highlighted.


To register for the planned course, select Register Autumn 2016 located on the right of your MyPlan home page.


You will then be shown your Schedule Details page. Select the Register for These Courses button to complete the registration process.

Schedule Details



Once you have successfully completed registering for your FIG, you will be redirected to the registration page, where you will see confirmation of your enrollment.

Schedule Updated