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Enrollment Confirmation System

The Office of the University Registrar in partnership with UW-IT, the Graduate School, Professional and Continuing Education (PCE), Undergraduate Admissions for Bothell, Seattle, and Tacoma, Student Fiscal Services, and First Year Programs is happy to announce the release of our new online Enrollment Confirmation System. Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional applicants that have been offered admission can confirm their plan to enroll at the UW and pay their Enrollment Confirmation Deposits (ECD) or New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fees (NSEOF) online using a credit card or web check.
NSEOF Enrollment Confirmation System Help
ECD Enrollment Confirmation System Help

New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF)

The New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF) is a mandatory, one-time fee required of entering undergraduate students to confirm their enrollment.  The NSEOF supports many academic and transition programs designed specifically to set students up for success at the Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma campuses.


 Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD)

An enrollment confirmation deposit (ECD) is required of Graduate, Professional, Postbaccalaureate, UW Bothell, UW Tacoma Graduate students, and returning students in autumn, winter and spring quarters. If space is not available when the payment is received, the payment will be returned. The ECD is applied toward tuition and fees assessed for the quarter in which the student has been offered admission. Payment of the ECD confirms the student’s intent to enroll at the University of Washington or, at the Graduate or Professional level, their intent to enroll in a particular degree program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I will be a concurrent student (enrolled in two programs simultaneously). Do I have to submit two enrollment confirmation deposits (ECDs)? Yes. You should confirm your enrollment in both programs by paying two ECDs.
  2. I want to accept my Graduate School offer. Do I have to pay the ECD now to formally accept the offer?  Can I just e-mail my UW department to accept?You should confirm acceptance by logging into your online application, and choosing “I accept” and paying the ECD.
  3. Is there a deadline to pay the ECD? There is no university-wide deadline, although you cannot register before the start of the quarter without paying the ECD. However, individual departments may have their own deadlines based on payment of the ECD
  4. I was admitted for Autumn Quarter and I paid the ECD already, but I cannot enroll until Spring Quarter. Do I need to pay a new ECD for Spring Quarter enrollment?Refer to the Graduate School’s FAQ section for “After you have submitted your application.” If you are approved to have your application quarter moved, then your ECD will also be moved to the new quarter. You would not submit a new ECD then.
  5. I accepted and paid the ECD for Program A. But now I want to accept Program B’s offer instead. Can I move (transfer) the ECD from Program A to Program B?No, ECD payments are not transferable from one program to another program. You should pay a new ECD for Program B.
  6. My tuition is being paid by a third party (parents; home country government; employer). How can the ECD be paid on my behalf by my sponsor?The Enrollment Confirmation System (ECS) does not allow third party payment of the ECD. However, when you submit your ECD payment, you will receive an automatic e-mail receipt, which you can use for a reimbursement request.
  7. How do I pay the ECD?Log back into your Graduate School application. You will go to your application’s “status” to confirm your acceptance and pay.

Enrollment Confirmation System Student Portal Link

Enrollment Confirmation System Student Portal

Confirming Enrollment after the start of the quarter

The Enrollment Confirmation System student portal closes the night before the first day of the quarter, but it will remain available to students confirming their enrollment for the following quarter. Once the quarter has begun, you can confirm your enrollment up until the 2nd Friday of the quarter by paying the enrollment confirmation deposit by check or money order, either by physically coming into the Office of the University Registrar with your deposit, or sending the deposit to the Registrar processing center via postal mail:

Box 355850
2nd Floor Schmitz Hall
Seattle, WA 98195-5850

Troubleshooting Credit Card Issues

  1. Large payments may be declined even if the cardholder has the available credit because they may have a daily spending limit.Contact your bank prior to paying. If you are a United States citizen and you are using a debit card, consider paying via webcheck, typically there’s no daily limit and there’s no fee.  If not, you need to contact your issuing bank to have your daily limit increased before trying again.
  2. Foreign cards will sometimes automatically decline because they are making an online international payment which is deemed as potentially fraudulent.  These may look paid to the cardholder because the funds have been put on hold by the issuing bank but the funds should be returned to the cardholder within a few days/weeks (different countries have different banking rules).  You can contact your issuing bank to resolve the issue before trying your card again or use another payment method. We do not have your funds and unfortunately you will have to wait for your issuing bank to release the funds back to you.
  3. Currently credit card payments in MyUW cannot be processed if there is an apostrophe in the name. You can try using your name without an apostrophe, but it may not work. You may have to pay via another payment method.
  4. PayPal will decline your credit card if you do not enter your billing address.Be sure to use your Billing Address when paying with a credit card. PayPal will decline your card if you use an address not affiliated with your credit card.

Creating Your UW NetID

UW NetID stands for University of Washington Network Identification. Your UW NetID and password are your account for accessing your UW information and other online services.

New Undergraduates: If you applied online but do not already have a UW NetID, you can obtain one by going to the UW Admissions NetID site for undergraduate students (includes new freshmen, transfer, and postbaccalaureate students).

All other students: You should go to the UW NetID site, where you will need to use your Private Access Code (PAC) and system key to obtain your UW NetID. For help with recovering your NetID, visit the UW NetID site or IT Connect’s About UW NetID site for more information.

Set UW NetID Recovery Options

Visit this the UW NetID Recovery Options page if you need to set up your recovery phone number or email address.

Unknown UW Password

Call 206-543-8580 to reset a forgotten UW password. You must have your student number and Private Access Code (PAC) to reset your UW password.

Student Number Unknown

Your seven-digit student number is issued during the admission process. This number is yours alone, and will be your student number forever. If you order a UW transcript 30 years from now, you will be identified by your student number.

The first two digits of your student number are the year you were admitted to the UW. The third digit indicates the quarter you were admitted: 1 for summer quarter; 2 and 3 for autumn, 4 for winter, and 5 for spring. The rest of the digits are random.

Find My Student Number for Undergraduates


To find your student number, navigate to the Unofficial Transcript link in MyUW under the Academics block. Select Unofficial Transcript.


Your student number appears in the upper left of the Unofficial Transcript page.

Call the Registrar at 206-543-8580 to receive a new PAC.

Find My student number and PAC for Graduate Students



To find your student number, navigate to your MyGrad account. Your Pac and Student number will be displayed under the UW NetID box.