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January 28, 2016

Audit Your Coursework

See how your CTC courses might apply to a UW degree

If you’ve entered some combination of courses you’ve taken or are planning to take, you can see how those courses might fit certain degree requirements at the UW using the Plan Audit feature.

You can either go to step 3 on this page and click the “Go to Plan Audit to check your progress” link or select the ‘Plan Audit’ link in the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Capture 2Capture 1

Once on this page, you can select a campus, a major or minor, and a program.
select drop-down to select minor or major

Once you’ve made your selection, click on the Audit Your Plan button.

select the audit your plan button

A UW degree will have a series of requirements that you must fulfill in order to earn a degree. These requirements come from both the University itself as well as from the department that offers the degree.

In this example, we’ve chosen the Business Administration degree from the UW Seattle campus.

At the top, you’ll see that the University requires a minimum of 180 academic credits for a Bachelor’s degree, a minimum cumulative GPA, and a minimum of 45 credits as a matriculated UW student.

Down below, you’ll see Areas of Knowledge and departmental requirements. If you expand the requirement, you’ll see what courses are needed to fill the requirement.

On the left side of each requirement, you will see either a planned icon or no icon icon.
If you see a planned icon icon, that means that you might fulfill that particular requirement for the degree.

You will still need to go through the official UW admissions process and a separate process with the UW department you’re investigating to officially confirm that your plan will actually complete a requirement.

For more information on degree requirements, search for the term “Degree Requirements” on the UW website.