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March 9, 2015

About Online Grading

Submit grades for your course sections online using GradePage. GradePage allows you to quickly and easily submit grades without having to create an online grade book. GradeBook is an additional tool available to record assignment grades, track student progress and easily send final grades to GradePage, where they can be submitted.

Online Grading Dates:
The Academic Calendar provides grading open and close dates for the current academic year.

Online Tutorials

Are you an instructor who is new to submitting online grades? Or, maybe it has been awhile since you last submitted online grades and you need a refresher? No problem, these short tutorials will assist you through the process. Please contact us if you would like to see additional tutorials, or provide feedback on the tutorials below through this short survey.

Using GradePage

using gradepage Submitting Grades Using GradePage (HTML version) Submit online grades using this fast and simple-to-use tool.
using gradepage Submitting Grades Using GradePage (PDF version) Submit online grades using this fast and simple-to-use tool.


 Using GradeBook

Submitting Grades Using GradeBook (video)The tutorial illustrates the steps of creating a new gradebook, entering grades, and reviewing and submitting grades. Viewing on a iOS device? – Use this link.
Submitting Grades Using GradeBook (HTML version) Use this version if you do not have the ability to run or install Flash.
Submitting Grades Using GradeBook with a Spreadsheet Template (video) This tutorial demonstrates the process for entering grades in to Gradebook using a spreadsheet. (View the first video to see the complete online grade submission process.) Viewing on a iOS device? – Use this link.

Additional Resources

Instructors have a variety of resources available to learn about the many features and uses of GradeBook.

Change of Grades or Late Submission

Once the grading period for the quarter has ended, grades cannot be submitted through online grading tools. However, change of grade requests or late submissions can be submitted through the Office of the Registrar’s online Grade Change Request form. Due to the need for manual processing for submissions through this form, it will be 2-4 business days until the new grades appear on the student record.

For questions on change of grades or late grade submission contact

Getting Additional Help

Need assistance? E-mail UW-IT at