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Registration Resources

Registering Through MyPlan

Use this online academic planning tool to search for courses, create academic plans to share with your adviser, and run degree audits.

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Registration Policies

Review University of Washington registration policies. 

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UW PCE Registration

Registration information for continuing education courses. 

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Notify.UW Course Notification

Sign up for SMS text or email notifications about open/closed course sections. Free to all students

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Using the Time Schedule

Browse course offerings for the quarter.

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Registering with a SLN

Learn how to access online registration, acknowledge important notifications, and select insurance and optional charges.

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Using Schedule Finder

Learn how to find open course sections for the quarter using time constraints you choose.

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UAA Registration Tips

Registration tips from Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising. 

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UAA Tips for Closed Classes

Tips for managing closed and restricted classes. 

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Access Student Personal Services

Access registration functions on Student Personal Services.


Pre-Registration Process

Review pre-registration steps including optional charges, directory release settings, safety and health notices, and other information .

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MyPlan 3.0 Updates

Review the latest features and navigation changes in MyPlan.

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Registration Videos

Quick Guides

Drop Course


How to drop a course through the registration page and view your updated schedule in MyPlan.

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Schedule Builder


How to use Schedule Builder to create a schedule in MyPlan.

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General Ed Search


How to search courses by General Education Requirement in MyPlan.

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Filter Functions


How to filter course searches in MyPlan.

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Advanced Search


How to use the Find Courses page in MyPlan to search for courses.
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How to use the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) in MyPlan to track your academic progress.
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Time Schedule


The Time Schedule can be used to determine what courses are being offered for the quarter.

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